Brain Health – Preserving your brain

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By Moira Fitzpatrick, ND, PhD

December 2017


Omega-3 Fatty Acids – 3000 mg a day will protect your brain.

Support the brain by increasing blood flow through exercise, good nutrition, sleep at least 7 hours a night and add ginkgo biloba to your supplement regimen if blood flow is an issue for you.

60% of lipstick sold in the United States contains lead. Women – be mindful of what you are wearing.

As each of us gain weight the size and function of the brain decreases. Excess fat increases inflammatory cytokines and as we know inflammation is the cause of all chronic disease. Another reminder to eat foods that love us.

Two new supplements for ADD for children that I have found to be useful include:

  • ProDHA Focus Jr which contains both EPA and DHA plus phosphatidylcholine which both facilitates cell to cell communication and helps DHA enter the brain. It contains L-Carnosine which helps protect the brain from toxins and chelated magnesium glycinate which helps with focus and attention.
  • CurcumaSorb Mind which helps both adults and children with focus.