Alan L

Dear Dr. Fitzpatrick,

I have so many reasons why I should thank you and express appreciation for all that you have done for me, but needless to say you have impacted my life is so many ways First and foremost, you care about people, you listen without judgement and calmed me when I was at my worst. My genetic issues were addressed with scientific knowledge and pointed me in the right direction. You didn’t give up and were at my side the entire way until results were apparent. The Hyperbaric chamber is amazing. I hadn’t realized how my brain functions were slipping until friends could see the improvements. You have surrounded yourself with a team that express the same concern for patients. Every morning when I walked into the door, I felt the love and caring. Thank you doesn’t say enough, but it’s all this old man has.

Lana Powers

Dr. Moira is a gifted doctor and healer.  I have been seeing her for over 10 years.  I started seeing her for severe pain with interstitial cystitis and she is the doctor who was able to best handle and guide me during that season of my life and today I have no symptoms of IC.   As of late, I am dealing with autoimmune issues from mold exposure, and she is so incredibly studied and competent in her ability to help navigate the road back to health.  I just love her.  My sister recently recovered from breast cancer and my sister will be seeing her for post-cancer healing f treatments and digging deeper into what might have contributed to that diagnosis.   I feel so fortunate to have one of the best as my healthcare provider.

Melanie B

When I came to Dr Fitzpatrick, I was feeling lost and hopeless with my health. I saw several doctors and specialists at the beginning of my health journey, and no one had any answers or direction to offer. After my first visit, I already had hope. It was obvious by the thorough intake and examination, that I was in capable hands, and finally someone cared enough to listen and treat me as a whole being. I trusted her and finally had hope and direction.

She has helped me gain clarity in what was going wrong and guided me in taking better care of my body. My gut is healing, my brain fog has cleared, my energy is better, and my body is being restored. It has been a journey but when I see how much progress I have made, I feel incredibly so grateful for Dr. Fitzpatrick! She has truly been my saving grace!!

Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

Dr Moira Fitzpatrick has been helping to successfully keep my family’s physical wellbeing and balance going in the body, mind and soul for some time now. Recently, I had a physical emergency by going down on an e-bike and busted my knee and banged up my ribs and spine. Dr Moira was right there for me! When Dr Moira heard, she came to my home and managed the severe pain with homeopathy and herbs. She got me in for x-rays, MRI. After reading results connected me with a surgeon. Through it all she has continued to check in with me as well as promptly return my calls. After the surgical procedure she had an IV vitamin drip delivered to my home to cleanse the anesthesia from my body. With my lung capacity not fully functioning yet, I’m looking forward to getting back into her hyperbaric chamber to get the oxygen flowing fully through my blood once again. The day just seems brighter and better after the deep dive in the chamber of oxygen. My family feels blessed to call Dr. Moira our Doctor.

Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.
Seaside Center for Spiritual Living


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