Complementary Cancer Care: Three Areas of Expertise

Navigating your Cancer Diagnosis

The steps you take after your diagnosis can make a world of difference in your treatment, recovery and resistance to recurrence. Collaborating with your oncologist and medical team, I can help by providing care and support that complements — and in many ways, completes — any medical treatments you may be undergoing. I will take the time necessary to educate you about your diagnosis, to help you prepare for procedures and to understand all of your labs, imaging and biopsy results. More importantly, I will draw upon effective natural approaches encompassing nutrition, herbs and supplements. While many supplements can enhance your chemotherapy, even reduce side effects of chemo and radiation, others may be contraindicated. As an expert in supplements, I will guide you to their proper use so that you obtain the maximum benefit. I am dedicated to providing you with the full cancer care you need to complement the conventional medical treatments

Emotional Support During Your Oncology Treatment

Conventional medicine, especially cancer treatments, often focuses on the physical or bodily aspects of care. I believe patients benefit from emotional and spiritual support. Indeed, maintaining good emotional and mental attitudes can dramatically increase the effectiveness of treatments. Hope is a powerful tool in any effort to obtain good health, especially with a cancer diagnosis, and I am skilled in techniques  such as hypnotherapy, energy work and mindfulness that can build upon and enhance your personal emotional strengths. Let me show you simple yet effective ways to prepare for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Rebuilding Your Health After Cancer Treatment

The period after completion of conventional treatment is crucial to your long term health and well-being. I will support you by developing a comprehensive plan for a healthy lifestyle that is personalized to your needs. This comprehensive plan includes nutrition, exercise, mind-body and spiritual support. Through our healing partnership, you & I will take the necessary steps to reduce inflammation, rebuild your immune system, reduce the risk of co-morbid conditions, and insure that you are aware of future ongoing screening. I will support your goals, and I will provide expert guidance on your journey to lasting health.


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