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Naturopathic medicine is a comprehensive system that aims to restore and optimize health by promoting the body’s own inherent ability to heal with the use of natural therapies. Naturopathic doctors understand illness as a disruption in the equilibrium of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to restore the equilibrium of the individual by encouraging the primary principle, the healing power of nature. Naturopathic Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat patients with acute and chronic conditions and teach individuals how to prevent disease and achieve health.

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Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, a specialist in naturopathic care and holistic medicine, promoting well-being and integrative health practices

Jose Angel Barrientos

Dr. Angel is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in nutrition, longevity, sports medicine, botanical medicine, and men’s health.

He earned his Naturopathic Medical Degree from Bastyr University California in 2021. He has advanced training in neural prolotherapy, micronutrient and botanical IV therapies, and functional medicine.

While in high school, he trained to become a lifeguard. Within the first week of being hired, he rescued a teenager from drowning and immediately knew that helping people was what he was born to do. He went on to become an emergency medical technician and responded to 9-1-1 calls in an ambulance throughout Los Angeles.

After seeing that an overwhelming majority of people that he transported to the hospital was largely due to lifestyle choices they made (e,g. poor diet, lack of exercise), instead of genuine accidents (e.g. car crashes, falling down the stairs, etc.), he decided to become a healthcare practitioner that would empower the health and knowledge of the people in his community. 


Dr. Angel decided to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with an emphasis in microbiology, where he graduated Cum Laude, and entered a Naturopathic Medical program.

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Dr. Angel devotes his knowledge and experience towards becoming a healthcare provider that goes beyond just treating a patient’s symptoms.

Through the use of natural therapies, in conjunction with conventional medicine, and by taking the time to educate patients about holistic lifestyle habits, Dr. Angel’s sincere desire is to help individuals become empowered and achieve a higher quality of health and life.

Julia Navaro

Dr. Navaro first discovered Naturopathic Medicine while caring for her grandmother and studying pre-med in university. She realized that conventional medicine alone left serious gaps in patient care. The principles of Naturopathic Medicine resonated with her – a focus on prevention of disease, treating the whole person, addressing the root cause of symptoms, doctor as teacher, and harnessing the healing power of nature. She completed her Naturopathic Medical degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2022, and from there her first professional steps with a Naturopathic residency at Emerald City Clinic in Seattle, where she had the opportunity to develop skills in acute care management, primary care, IV therapy, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy. She is looking forward to building on that experience and sharing these skill sets with the patients at Healing Roots Center for Transformation.

Before pursuing a call to Naturopathic Medicine, she cultivated a connection with the earth through work in regenerative land use, conservation, and organic agriculture. Tending to the land heightened her awareness of the links between humans and nature. This realization has guided her understanding of healing and disease, which are mirrored in the realms of plants, animals, soil, and, of course, human health. She looks forward to contributing her skills and knowledge to the Healing Roots community and helping individuals connect with the profound healing power of nature, especially its manifestation within ourselves.


She will be offering primary care – which includes whole family health, wellness support, true prevention, and addressing the root cause of chronic disease. She will be intricately involved in the IV program offering nutritional IV therapy, including port-access IV’s for cancer patients. She seeks to create a space where you feel understood, your treatment plan is individualized to your unique needs, and you are empowered to embody the healthiest version of yourself.

As Naturopathic doctors, we encourage you to spend time in nature and feel the interconnectedness of all life. We are trained to utilize the least invasive therapies first and to avoid using interventions that could further disrupt health.

Naturopathic doctors understand that illness can be the result of numerous underlying causes such as chronic stress, dietary and lifestyle factors. Naturopathic doctors are trained to identify and treat the cause, discover which systems of the body are out of alignment and support the individual to restore health.

While addressing your concerns, naturopathic doctors take time to educate you around nutrition, “food as medicine”, the results of functional tests, we get you moving, teach stress reduction and we take both the whole view of your health and the specifics to support you in attaining your health goals.

Naturopathic doctors are trained at accredited, four-year, post-graduate medical schools.

The naturopathic medical training is based on the six fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine along with rigorous and comprehensive studies in basic medical sciences, physical diagnosis, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, pharmacology, and clinical medical sciences. There is extensive training in a variety of natural therapeutics that include clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, dietary, lifestyle, and fitness counseling, homeopathy, naturopathic bodywork, IV nutritional therapies, and physical medicine.

Naturopathic doctors are required to complete a two-year intensive clinical training and pass national basic science and clinical board exams to be licensed, plus the licensing exam of the state where the doctor will practice. Licensure allows naturopathic doctors to practice as independent doctors and authorizes them to diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

Over 30 years of Experience

“My passion is to empower and partner with you to help you achieve both happiness and your health goals.”

— Dr. Moira

Practicing from an integrative systems perspective which incorporates mind, body, emotions, and spirit to support each person to break through to a new level
of health.

I am licensed both as a Clinical Psychologist and a Naturopathic doctor.

I have practiced multiple forms of transformational psychology for over 30 years. During mid-life I returned to school to obtain a degree in Naturopathic Medicine to integrate a more holistic approach to healing. My journey has been to discover the essence of healing both within myself and as a facilitator for others. Currently, I practice from an integrative systems perspective and incorporate mind, body, emotions, and spirit to support each person to break through to a new level of health.

I received my degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Kenmore Washington. I had the opportunity to study with Tori Hudson, ND and completed a residency in Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon. During this time, I followed both conventional and naturopathic doctors and recognized that good medicine includes both the best of natural and conventional medicine. I founded an integrative medical practice in Seattle Washington, where I served as a primary care provider, focused on women’s health and functional endocrinology. I have spent considerable time working with individuals diagnosed with cancer and provide support during conventional care and in rebuilding their health. I offer a comprehensive approach for individuals struggling with emotional issues through integrating nutritional support, mind-body tools and providing medications when needed at the lowest effective doses. I am a board-certified diplomate-fellow in Psychopharmacology through the International College of Prescribing Psychologists and Prescribing Psychologists’ Register.

I received my doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego California. I founded a therapeutic community system for people with serious mental illness and changed the paradigm of healing for these individuals and their families. The community system has continued to evolve beyond where I left it many years ago. I am trained in many forms of Clinical Hypnotherapy, including transpersonal, NLP, Ericksonian and Medical hypnosis.

Teaching and the training of young professionals is a significant value of mine. I spent time as the Director of Clinical Training and was a part of the faculty of the American School of Professional Psychology in Point Richmond California. Most recently I was the inaugural vice president of Bastyr University in San Diego, California, which is a school of naturopathic medicine.

I look forward to the journey of expanding consciousness and changing the paradigm of health. The journey with you will be exhilarating as we create significant value in the world.


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Understanding Naturopathic Primary Care

Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, a specialist in naturopathic care and holistic medicine, promoting well-being and integrative health practices