Endocrine Expert

Adrenal and Blood Sugar Disorders, Thyroid, Reproductive Hormone Imbalances


An endocrine evaluation begins with an assessment of adrenal, thyroid and blood sugar problems.  We look at your digestion as the gastrointestinal tract is connected to every system in the body.  It affects nutrient absorption, toxin elimination, hormone metabolism and energy.  This includes food sensitivities which can affect the permeability of the gut, thus the endocrine and immune system.  The liver manages detoxification and affects hormones.  As your doctor, my function is to understand the patterns you are presenting and create a treatment that unravels the vicious cycle you are experiencing in your life.

How do I know if I have an endocrine issue?

You may experience fatigue, digestive problems, high energy and then a drop in energy, difficulty concentrating, hypersensitivity to hot or cold, poor circulation, muscle cramps, sleep problems, hair loss, depression, high or low blood sugar, problems with menses, sexual response, or you may be going through menopause or andropause.


How do I know if I have a hormonal imbalance?

There are natural times in a woman’s life when hormones are more likely to be off balance.  This includes menarche, when girls first get their period, following a pregnancy and during the peri-menopausal transition.  Normal menstruation may be interrupted by a lack of menses for several months, abnormal bleeding or significant symptoms (PMS), and menstrual cramps around the time of menstruation.  A headache before or during your period is often an indication of a hormonal issue.  Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome may present with menstrual irregularities, acne, infertility, blood sugar issues.

The endocrine system deals with hormones.  Hormones work with the nervous system to create harmony and balance in the body.

There are multiple factors that affect hormones and metabolism, such as nutrition, lifestyle, stress, environmental exposure, sleep etc.  There are many interacting systems involved with your metabolic alterations.  As your doctor, my function is to understand the patterns you are presenting and create a therapy that unravels the vicious cycle you are experiencing in your life. 

Our work together will include some of the following:

Identify how your metabolism and hormones are affecting your weight

Identify how environmental toxins are affecting your metabolism

Identify the relationship between your immune system and metabolic condition

Identify the relationship of your gastrointestinal system to your metabolism and energy

Identify blood sugar imbalances, stress and insulin resistance.

Address hormones during normal transitional states for men and women.  This includes post partum, peri-and post menopause, andropause.

Identify hormonal imbalances
Provide up to date lab tests and research to address your unique situation

Identify how your medications are affecting your endocrine system

Identify how stress affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and your metabolism.

Identify the health of your immune system and its affect on your thyroid and other hormones