Integrative Mental Health


I provide integrative mental health options, encompassing the complete spectrum of treatment including a comprehensive evaluation, support for lifestyle changes, mind-body tools, natural therapies and prescription medications as needed.

I am proud to be La Jolla’s leading expert in Integrative Mental Health.

Endocrine & Reproductive Hormones


Stuck in a vicious cycle of fatigue? Up and down energy? Have difficulty losing weight?
Problems with digestion? Low libido?
Problems with your menstrual cycle?
Are you struggling through peri-menopause?

I can help you break free and restore your body’s natural hormonal balance.

Primary Care, Naturally

I practice good medicine by caring for each of my patients and work with a team of healthcare practitioners willing to collaborate for your highest good and health. I partner with you to promote optimal wellness, heal acute issues and treat chronic conditions.

Allow me to treat you and your entire family. Naturally.

Create a life of vitality, meaning, mutual pleasure and optimal health


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