Adolescent Health

Healthcare during this time of transition is complex as adolescents are separating, becoming autonomous and developing an identity while going through puberty.

They need to know the facts about both male and female sexual anatomy, how to prevent pregnancy, and how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

During this process, I can support the young person with information, learn to value themselves and their body and guide them in taking responsibility for creating patterns of self-care around food, exercise, skin care, sleep, stress, and mood.

This is a time of vulnerability to addictive substances, I support young people in choosing options other than drugs and alcohol, which they often use to avoid some aspect of their lives.

Support the body, brain, and soul of your teenage daughter or son.


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Understanding Naturopathic Primary Care

Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick, a specialist in naturopathic care and holistic medicine, promoting well-being and integrative health practices