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Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick works to help patients understand Naturopathic primary care medicine and its benefits. Incorporating mind, body, emotions, and spirit to support each person to break through to a new level of health. Check out the blog below to learn more!

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Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

August 23, 2023
Dr Moira Fitzpatrick has been helping to successfully keep my family’s physical wellbeing and balance going in the body, mind and soul for some time now. Recently, I had a physical emergency by going down on an e-bike and busted [...]
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Melanie B

August 23, 2023
When I came to Dr Fitzpatrick, I was feeling lost and hopeless with my health. I saw several doctors and specialists at the beginning of my health journey, and no one had any answers or direction to offer. After my [...]
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Lana Powers

August 8, 2023
Dr. Moira is a gifted doctor and healer.  I have been seeing her for over 10 years.  I started seeing her for severe pain with interstitial cystitis and she is the doctor who was able to best handle and guide [...]
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Alan L

August 3, 2023
Dear Dr. Fitzpatrick, I have so many reasons why I should thank you and express appreciation for all that you have done for me, but needless to say you have impacted my life is so many ways First and foremost, [...]
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