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Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick works to help patients understand Naturopathic primary care medicine and its benefits. Incorporating mind, body, emotions, and spirit to support each person to break through to a new level of health. Check out the blog below to learn more!

Trapped in an Abusive Relationship

October 2, 2015
Violence against women is a public health problem.  How can each of us contribute to changing the conditions in our society that perpetuate domestic violence? Domestic violence is willful intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault and other abusive behavior perpetrated by [...]
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Are you concerned about the health of your skin?

September 29, 2015
Our skin is the largest organ in the body.  It is the interface between our internal world and the external environment.  The skin is a reflection of inner health and there are many influences on the skin such as nutrition, [...]
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Enhancing Your Sleep

September 17, 2015
Insufficient sleep is probably the most prevalent sleep disorder in America.  Our busy lives and pressure to get things done and get ahead, plus financial worries are typically sleep disrupters.  A lack of balance in life contributes to lack of [...]
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Menopause – A Time to Change

September 10, 2015
A season of change is upon us as Autumn draws near.  Each year at this time I am reminded of the path of peri-menopause into menopause.  As I reflect on my own journey I realize that this time changed the [...]
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What can Natural Medicine do for Arthritis?

September 3, 2015
While there are many forms of arthritis the most common are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.  The common features of the arthritic illnesses include joint pain, stiffness and inflammation.  Nearly 1 in 3 adults are affected by osteoarthritis or degenerative [...]
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